CBR600 F3 (Rockville) $2100

QR Code Link to This Post Need to sell quickly, holding up a new purchase. Selling my 1997 CBR600. Has new repsol fairings on it. Brand new battery, fires right up without hesitation. It has a MotoGP replica exhaust with a Repsol Bodykit. Gets comments and stares from everyone all day long. The Good: No MD Inspection needed (Historic) Lowered 3+ inches (Adjustable, including above factory height) New Rectifier New Fairings New Starter Relay Fresh Oil change [Honda 10W40] Tires have at least 75%+ remaining Carbon fiber accents in the dash New Battery New Rear Brakes Hardwired Radiator Fan Toggle Cleanable K&N Engine Air filter (Just installed) All Original Parts go with the bike (Including the old exhaust) Fender Turn Signal Delete [After pics were taken, not in ALL pictures listed] The Bad: Minor scratches on the gas tank, a dirt bike fell on it. Ask for pictures, I can send them. The start button isn't working but I have another oem switch connected, it just needs to be put on the handle bars.Relevant: CBR600F3, Repsol, 1997 CBR600, Honda CBR, CBR, Motorcycle, CBR600, CBR-600, F3 Let's block ads! (Why?)


QR Code Link to This Post Listed for sale here is my beloved Qujos Trailmaster 200/Kubota Z482 twin 13 hp DIESEL powered bike. "CHINESE LOVE, JAPANESE TORQUE, AMERICAN INGENUITY."Please feel free to ask me any questions AFTER reading all I have written. Many, many extras are included such as a new VZ21 turbo, compact Nissan 300ZX intercooler and Audi S4 OEM aluminum 50mm tube plumbing with rubber couplers, industrial boost gauge, the original black chrome 163 FML 14.8 HP 200cc aircooled engine (needs $19 piston), 4 spare type 40 cvt belts, brand new Baldwin fuel filter, 40mm ammo can saddle bags, original 18" knobby tires/many extra street and off-road tires, Honda civic radiator, box of extra parts and also a Towblazer/ACE brand folding motorcycle trailer with a spare wheel/tire and mount. I have hauled this beast off the back of my TDI hypermiler hitch and cargo basket but other's aren't quite as crazy as I. This has a Honda CBR 1000 front rotor/Tokiko 4 piston front caliper both on custom mounts, Honda EX450 rear 4 wheeler shock,Honda Trial 90 center stand, extra external fork springs and custom fork brace, car horn, remote fuel filter, digital dash and tachometer, 4 super bright 18 watt led lights (1 low beam/all 4 high beam), comfort gel grips with nylon tube inside handlebar filled with steel BBs, weighted bar ends,Tusk grip guards strobe 2nd brake light, brake caliper lock, a 14x16 Slipstreamer touring windscreen and dual 12v socket outlets to power a GPS or phone charger to name a few of the numerous upgrades. This bike has been great. It was a difficult and challenging build but with lots of critical thinking and an assortment of the right combination of parts I managed to pull it off without ANY cutting and stretching of the main tubular backbone of this small bike even though this IRON engine is 3x the size of the aluminum one it replaced. The placement of the type 40 CVT inline with the new 420 chain dictated the location of the engine so as to maintain proper spacing for the drive belt. It should be mentioned that TWICE now I have sheared in half the secondary/driven 5/8" solid steel shaft from the insane torque this machine puts out. I have milled a 3/16" keyway slot into a stainless rod with my Smithy 3N1 mill/drill/lathe and so far have had no issues at all. As this is a very heavy IRON PIG and so far with my 180 lbs on flat ground would only achieve 56 mph with knobby tires I have recently mounted these street tires for a higher top speed: 120/90/18 Continental Conti Tour rear and 100/90/18 Avon Road Rider front. Opening the fuel screw for the inner mechanical injection pump rack would not provide any additional power and would only "roll massive coal", something not usually seen from a 2 wheeled machine. Both wheels have inner tubes and some NIB spares are included. The original 21" front wheel had to go as it would not clear the exhaust and starter motor but it was replaced with a Kawasaki 18". The digital tachometer plug wiring is all in Chinese so with the help of 5 of my closest Japanese Honda Engineering friends during daily breaks, a 9 volt and 2 AAA batteries wired in series (12v DC) we were all able to collectively figure out the intentions of the Chinese characters and initiate operation:素晴らしい!!! A neodymium magnet epoxy bonded to the flywheel acts as an impulse signal for tachometer pickup mounted to the Natalie Merchant resiliently strong CVT shield.To inquire on the EXACT temperature of the cooling system a digital turkey temperature gauge was installed just above the digital tachometer. The radiator cap and housing are from a 250 ninja. The Kubota DIESEL engine is from a Carrier big rig/18 wheeler truck APU auxiliary power unit and the original radiator is hanging off the side with 185 degree thermostatically controlled 10"electric fan. For the new owner a Civic radiator is included to cope with the additional heat and stress of the world's smallest turbocharger: The VX21. I think the compact Nissan 300ZX intercooler will help keep the temperatures down as well. The current intake tubing is from a Z car and like most all the other parts has been sandblasted and powdercoated. To make this machine just a bit narrower I was planning on relocating the new radiator centrally just between the ammo cans in the back using TIG welded aluminum or soldered copper tube hard lines. Also included is a large face boost gauge for the lucky new owner as they boost this bad boy to the sky! As a habit for all my vehicle builds I mounted a compact ABC fire extinguisher opposite the Ducati 1198 muffler. 1198 bullet bike spare turn signals included as well. VROOOM! The large battery was purchased new last year but I didn't disconnect it as I should have during the winter so I drained the acid, filled with Epsom salt solution and recharged. When it is warmed up it starts fine but when cold a booster pack helps fire this up. The starter has been overhauled and has a new brush pack installed. Currently the glow plugs must be manually wired before cold starting. I think it would be a good idea to wire in a 10-15 second timed relay tied into the red"P" parking indicator light on the digital dash. Smoked LED doughnut turn signals are mounted front and rear. In addition to the knobby front/rear 18" tires these are all the extra motorcycle tires included as I will no longer need them: Dunlop Geomax MX51 120/90/18 and MX51F 80/100/21. Bridgestone Spitfire 100/90/19. IRC Trials 3.0/19. Michelin 4.0 H18. Chen Shin 90/90/18. Chen Shin 3.5/18. As I mentioned a folding single motorcycle trailer is included with an additional spare tire/wheel combo. Details here: http://motorcycle-trailer.com/ads/2012-towblazer-single-rail-motorcycle-trailer-600-atlanta/ and here: https://theusatrailerstore.com/ace-single-motorcycle-trailer/. Like my TDI daily driver this bike is NOT a screamer, it purely was built to be efficient and unique. I have not yet calculated the MPG fuel economy of this as I have yet to burn through all the 2 gallons of diesel I initially poured into this tiny tank modified with an internal fuel return line from the 2 injector fuel rail. I fully expect the street tires to allow for a higher top speed however the registration is not current or insured so it cannot be taken anywhere besides my quiet street. The Japanese Kanji characters on the front fender are "I heart 溶接/ I love welding". Welding/Fabrication has and always will be my greatest life passion. As for below the massive DIESEL sticker: "内燃機関/Nainenkikan/internal combustion engine". My wife's samurai family crest is front and center. It is your choice on this vinyl either way, feel free to remove it all if you like but I would hope you don't. Be prepared, THIS BIKE DRAWS YUUUUGE CROWDS EVERY PLACE I TAKE IT. No one can believe a diesel powered motorcycle is before them and they bust up laughing and beam smiles of amazement and absolute disbelief when I start it. I do no want to sell this thing but I must focus on my 1966 TDI split window bus build. Afterwards my next motorcycle will be powered with a VW TDI engine as well with full electronics and emissions in place. Don't believe me? Just you wait and see it happen. If you fall madly in love with this machine as I have and want to power another project with the mighty Kubota DIESEL Z482 twin (like the 3 wheeled Roopod in Connecticut) I have a complete additional Carrier APU I am willing to sell for an additional $800. This engine is much "cleaner/shinier/pretty" than the one installed here. Please feel free to ask me any questions AFTER reading all I have written. I want to get $4,000 for it all. Most everything has been removed just days ago, sandblasted and powdercoated matte black and Eastwood v twin orange.どうも ありがとう ございます/doumo arigatou gozaimasu/Thank you. Let's block ads! (Why?)

You'll Shoot Your Eye Out: 5 Tips for Holiday Eye Safety

The number of serious injuries due to improper toy gun use has risen drastically over the past 23 years. A Christmas Story is a not only an nostalgic holiday movie, but it also is a lesson in safety. The iconic scene in which Ralphie shoots his eye out despite repeated warnings to be careful serve as a reminder every holiday season. "Ophthalmologists see firsthand the devastating damage toy guns can inflict on the eyes; children are blinded," said Dianna Seldomridge, M.D., MBA, clinical spokesperson for the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO), in a statement. "The good news is, most of these injuries are avoidable. Protective eyewear and adult supervision make non-powder gun activities much safer for children. If you can't resist the Ralphies in your life, buy protective eyewear." A new report from the AAO shows the number of serious injuries such as blindness due to BB and pellet gun use is increasing at an "alarming rate." The study, published in Ophthalmology Retina, shows the number of injuries due to nonpowder guns has increased 170% over the last 23 years. The organization is reminding parents, families and all those purchasing toy guns to also purchase protective eyewear and take extra precautions. Let's block ads! (Why?)

2016 Yamaha R6 (Gateway) $7500

QR Code Link to This Post Hey Everyone! This is a perfect matte gray/black 2016 Yamaha R6! Financing Available! I bought it brand new for $12,000 not including tax and tag in January of 2017. I'm selling my bike now cause I'm back home no longer in college and looking to buy a car. I put a lot of money/work into this bike including a all new mods listed:-GYTR slip on exhaust ($400)-smoked integrated taillight and smoked side turn signals ($250)-blacked out windscreen ($50)-MD fender eliminator kit ($85)-Also will throw in 2 motorcycle helmetsThat's $1100 in extras not including labor for instal!This is a beautiful motorcycle with lots of power but perfect for any type of rider. Stored in Garage all of its life! Please contact me with you're best offer! if serious about buying cash or certified funds in hand! , no joy rides! Thank You and God Bless! Let's block ads! (Why?)



Hellgate (1989) VHS Abigail Wolcott (Bowling Green) $10

QR Code Link to This Post Hellgate (1989) VHS Abigail Wolcott A motorcycle gang kidnaps a young woman, Josie, from a diner and brutally kills her. Many years later, the girl's father finds a magic crystal that can bring the life back to dead objects. He uses it to re-animate his daughter. He lets her seduce any young man that comes to visit the small town and then kills them. Four young students, two boys and two girls spend a vacation near the town, Hellgate. They hear about the story and get involved.PICKUP IN BOWLING GREEN, KY. Let's block ads! (Why?)