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French President Macron expected to visit Greece on September 7-8

France’s president Emmanuel Macron is expected to visit Greece between September 7 and 8, according to media reports.Macron will also travel to Austria, Romania and Bulgaria next week.The same reports have claimed that Macron’s aim is to shape a momentum for further European integration.RELATED TOPICS: Greece, Greek tourism news, Tourism in Greece, Greek islands, Hotels in Greece, Travel to Greece, Greek destinations , Greek travel market, Greek tourism statistics, Greek tourism reportLet's block ads! (Why?)

Greek current account surplus shrinks in June despite tourism revenues rise

Greece's current account surplus dropped in June compared to the same month a year earlier due to a wider trade gap and a deficit in the primary income balance, the Bank of Greece said on Monday, Reuters reports and adds: The data recorded the surplus at 842 million euros ($988.7 million) from 910 million euros in June 2016. Tourism revenues rose to 2.047 billion euros from 1.79 billion in the same month a year earlier. "The current account of the balance of payments showed a surplus that was lower by 68 million euros than a year earlier, primarily because the primary and secondary income accounts turned to deficits from surpluses," the Bank of Greece noted. To a large extent this was offset by a stronger surplus of the services balance, the central bank announced. "The rise in the surplus of the services balance by 221 million euros is solely attributable to an increase of 257 million in the surplus of the travel balance," it added. In June foreign arrivals and the corresponding revenues rose by 13 and 14.2 percent respectively year-on-year, the central bank continued. In 2016 overall, Greece had a current account deficit of 1.1 billion euros versus a surplus of 206 million in 2015 as a result of a lower services balance surplus. Read more here.RELATED TOPICS: Greece, Greek tourism news, Tourism in Greece, Greek islands, Hotels in Greece, Travel to Greece, Greek destinations , Greek travel market, Greek tourism statistics, Greek tourism reportPhoto Source: Wikimedia Commons Copyright: Bryan Ledgard License: CC-BY-SASource: ReutersLet's block ads! (Why?)

Meeting between Greece-Israel-Cyprus on diaspora issues held in Nicosia

Greece, Cyprus and Israel on Monday reviewed their collaboration on diaspora policies during a meeting held in Nicosia, between Greek Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister for Greeks Abroad Terens Quick, Cyprus Presidential Commissioner for Humanitarian Issues and Overseas Affairs Fotis Fotiou and Jewish Agency Chairman Natan Sharansky.They agreed that a programme of actions on diaspora issues will be announced the following spring.The three officials also participated in a roundtable discussion with representatives of Greek, Cypriot and Jewish diaspora youth groups.Read more here.RELATED TOPICS: Greece, Greek tourism news, Tourism in Greece, Greek islands, Hotels in Greece, Travel to Greece, Greek destinations , Greek travel market, Greek tourism statistics, Greek tourism reportSource: ANA-MPALet's block ads! (Why?)

Virtuoso: Luxury tourism attracts growing numbers of millennials with higher income

Virtuoso unveiled new research showcasing the growing importance of cultivating millennials as luxury travel clients, according to the following article published in"The research was unveiled during the 29th annual Virtuoso Travel Week being held Aug. 12 to 18 in Las Vegas at the Bellagio Resort & Casino, ARIA Resort & Casino and Vdara Hotel & Spa.This year’s event for the luxury travel network drew a record-breaking attendance of 5,670 travel professions from 103 countries, a seven percent increase over last year’s event.An analysis of the network’s clients found that a greater percentage of Millennials earn more than $250,000 than any other generation aside from matures.Thirty-two percent of Virtuoso’s Millennial clients are in that high-income bracket, compared to 21 percent of Gen X, 25 percent of baby boomers and 42 percent of matures.Millennials and Gen X’ers are also a growing part of Virtuoso’s client mix. Both have increased their share by four percentage points since 2012. Boomers have held steady while matures have declined in share.During the event, Virtuoso also announced several updates on its products, technology, professional development programs, and network growth.Products—Virtuoso Voyages, the network’s cruise enhancement program for clients aboard designated sailings, continues to grow. In 2018, more than 550 departures will offer complimentary benefits to Virtuoso clients. Nineteen cruise lines now offer Virtuoso-exclusive perks, with more than 2,000 headquarter groups where clients receive advantages ranging from reduced fares to onboard booking credits to specialty dining at no extra charge.—Virtuoso’s Hotels & Resorts program celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. Founded in 1992 with just 20 hotels, the program now encompasses more than 1,200 properties in more than 100 countries. This year the portfolio grew by 94 hotels. The program has also diversified its offerings to reflect an increasingly global membership as well as changing luxury preferences. Virtuoso preferred properties provide up to $450 in complimentary benefits per stay.—Virtuoso’s Air program features 11 new airlines, 10 percent more commissionable routes than last year and a 20 percent growth in sales year over year.Technology—Launched last spring, Virtuoso’s hotel booking tool reached a milestone earlier this year with $1 million in sales. Today that figure stands at $1.6 million. The tool is used by Virtuoso advisors, current clients and new prospects to select their choice of 900 network properties with an average daily rate of more than $600.— now receives 130,000 unique visitors per month, a 30 percent increase from earlier this year. Virtuoso also launched international landing pages in 2017 in five languages. Advisor profiles, a key feature of, are optimized to drive additional visitors to the site. Visitors to the mobile version of the site can now search for advisors and products."Let's block ads! (Why?)

Greek sailor named 2017 Laser Radial Youth world champion

Greek sailor Dimitris Papadimitriou was named Laser Radial Youth world champion on Friday, after competing in 11 races at the 2017 Laser Radial Youth World Championships, held at Medemblik, Netherlands during the past week.He was followed by Argentina's Matias Dietrich and Nicholas Bezy from Hong Kong. In the women's division, Germany's Hannah Anderssohn ranked first, followed by Uruguay's Dolores Moreira Fraschini and Charlotte Rose from the U.S. Forty-six countries took part in the event by 379 sailors (273 boys, 106 girls) from 15 to 18 years of age who competed from August 13 to 18.Read more here.RELATED TOPICS: Greece, Greek tourism news, Tourism in Greece, Greek islands, Hotels in Greece, Travel to Greece, Greek destinations , Greek travel market, Greek tourism statistics, Greek tourism reportPhoto Source:pixabay.comSource: ANA-MPALet's block ads! (Why?)

Hellenic Youth Club Movie Night in Sydney on August 22nd

Tuesday’s are all about movies and this Tuesday 22nd August 2017, The Hellenic Club of Sydney Youth is hosting a Movie Night at Beta Bar, in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, reports in the following article:The classic comedy ‘The Wog Boy!’ starring Nick Giannopoulos and Vince Colosimo is the film that will be shown and will surely have everyone in fits of laughter, no matter how many times they’ve previously watched it!And guests won’t be leaving on an empty stomach, as food and drinks will be offerred on the night from 6.30pm.Beta Bar will be turned into a cozy mini theatre, as the room will be filled with bean bags and a lolly bar, so you can stock up on your favourite candy and popcorn- but make sure you reserve your tickets in time!This event is for Sydney’s Youth and open to 18-30 year olds.For further information, email HYCS at [email protected] or contact them via their FacebookEvent details When: Tuesday 22nd August 2017 at 6:30pmWhere: Beta Bar, Level One, 238 Castlereagh Street, Sydney (just above Alpha restaurant)Cost: $20 for members \\ $25 for non-members is essential.Subject to availability, tickets may be able to be purchased on the night.Email: [email protected]'s block ads! (Why?)

Greek Orthodox Church Bishops in America statement on Charlottesville

SYOSSET, NY – The following is the statement of the bishops of the Orthodox Church in America – the only self-governing canonical Orthodox Church in North America, on the recent events in Charlottesville, VA.“For by Him all things were created that are in heaven and that are on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or principalities or powers. All things were created through Him and for Him. And He is before all things, and in Him all things consist. And He is the head of the body, the church, who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead, that in all things He may have the preeminence.” Colossians 1:16-18August 16, 2017To the Clergy, Monastics and Faithful of the Orthodox Church in America,Recent tragic events in Charlottesville, Virginia, have highlighted the presence of un-Christian rhetoric and violent actions within our communities. At the same time, the response to these events by our civil leadership has unleashed a nationwide debate which has created a certain moral ambiguity, which in turn is fostering further division. Such a climate requires a clear response from the Church.The Holy Synod of Bishops of the Orthodox Church in America joins people of faith and good will across the United States, Canada and Mexico in unequivocally, unreservedly and unambiguously rejecting words and actions which perpetrate, support or encourage hatred, violence, racism, white supremacy, white nationalism or neo-Nazism. As Orthodox Christians, we believe that every human being is a child of God, created in His image and likeness, and therefore we are all brothers and sisters whatever our race, nationality or creed.At the same time, we also reject the climate of condemnation of the individuals carrying out these heinous activities. Indeed, Jesus rebuked his disciples when they suggested that he violently retaliate against his enemies. “You do not know what manner of spirit you are of. For the Son of Man did not come to destroy men’s lives but to save them.” (Luke 9:55-56). The Church offers to all—without exception—not condemnation but a path to forgiveness and peace in Christ.As the Orthodox prayer of confession says: “O Lord God, the Salvation of Thy servants, gracious, bountiful and long-suffering, who forgives us concerning our evil deeds, and desires not the death of a sinner, but rather that he should turn from his way and live: Show Thy mercy upon Thy servants and grant unto them an image of repentance, forgiveness of sins, and deliverance, pardoning their every transgression, whether voluntary or involuntary…”We reject hatred and violence, and as Orthodox Christians we are also committed to the ministry of reconciliation. We encourage our clergy and faithful to hold fast to the Christian message of healing, salvation and love offered by Christ, who is the Way, the Truth and the Life. At the same time, we exhort our clergy and faithful to reject any attempts by individuals or groups to claim for themselves the name of “Orthodox Christian” in order to promote racism, hatred, white supremacy, white nationalism or neo-Nazism. This is in keeping with the Holy Gospels, the decisions of the Holy Councils and the experience of the Saints.We remind the faithful that the Orthodox Church in America does not restrict membership to those of a particular race or nationality and has historically welcomed all, going back to the Alaskan Mission which embraced the indigenous peoples of that land and continuing to this day in the multicultural and multi-ethnic context of North America.Brothers and sisters, Saint Justin Martyr, writing at a time when Christians were persecuted in the second century, said, “We used to hate and destroy one another and refused to associate with people of another race or country. Now, because of Christ, we live together with such people and pray for our enemies.” May that same spirit be ours today as well.With our paternal love and blessings,The Most Blessed TIKHON, Archbishop of Washington, Metropolitan of All America and CanadaThe Most Reverend NATHANIEL, Archbishop of Detroit and the Romanian Episcopate The Most Reverend NIKON, Archbishop of Boston, New England and the Albanian ArchdioceseThe Most Reverend BENJAMIN, Archbishop of San Francisco, and the Diocese of the WestThe Most Reverend ALEJO, Archbishop of Mexico City and the Diocese of MexicoThe Most Reverend MELCHISEDEK, Archbishop of Pittsburgh and the Diocese of Western PennsylvaniaThe Most Reverend MARK, Archbishop of Philadelphia and the Diocese of Eastern PennsylvaniaThe Most Reverend IRÉNÉE, Archbishop of Ottawa and the Archdiocese of CanadaThe Most Reverend MICHAEL, Archbishop of New York and the Diocese of New York and New JerseyThe Most Reverend ALEXANDER, Archbishop of Toledo, Dallas, the South and the Bulgarian DioceseThe Right Reverend DAVID, Bishop of Sitka and AlaskaThe Right Reverend PAUL, Bishop of Chicago and the MidwestLet's block ads! (Why?)

Report: Three must-see Islands in Greece that most tourists miss

Everyone knows of the popular Greek island destinations to visit while in Greece, notes in a recent article and continues:"However, there are many smaller, lesser known islands that are the perfect escape from the crowds of tourists — and you will find that you get to experience the real, unspoiled Greece! Let’s look at three islands that are overlooked by most tourists — simply because they do not even known that they exist!AntiparosAntiparos is a small Greek island in the southern Aegean, in the central Cyclades. It is only a stone’s throw from Paros which is where you can access the ferry to cross to the quaint island.One natural wonder that has been enchanting visitors to the island for centuries is the Cave of Antiparos which is believed to be Europe’s oldest cave. In fact, it is believed that the very first visitor to the cave was Archilochus, a lyrical poet from Paros, who lived from 728-650 BC! The entrance to the cave is guarded by a small 18th century church which is also worth checking out, called Agios loannis Spiliotis (Saint John of the Cave).There are wonderful, relaxing beaches on the island as well as a typical small island sense of hospitality — meaning you will find quaint tavernas and restaurants where you feel like family while eating traditional food.Pano KoufonisiNot the easiest place to find, Pano Koufonisi is located between Naxos and Amorgos. There are actually two islands in the Koufonisis complex — Pano and Kato Koufonisis, both which can be visited by ferry from Naxos and Amorgos. Pano Koufonisis is inhabited unlike Kato Koufonisis.Now that you know how to get there, here is what you will find on Pano Koufinisi. This is the perfect island for relaxing, taking long walks along the beach or taking a dip in the sparkling blue sea.There are tavernas and shops in Chora where you will also find some accommodations if you wish to make your trip to this small island more than just a day trip.SerifosSerifos is a small island of about 75 square kilometers and is located in the Cyclades. You will find this hidden treasure which is often overlooked by tourists between the island of Kythnos and Sifnos. It is the ideal Greek island to visit if your don’t want to be surrounded by tourists — mostly due to the fact that no one knows it even exists! This island is accessible from a ferry at the port of Piraeus and other islands of the Cyclades group.As soon as you arrive on Serifos at the port of Livadi you will see beautiful sandy beaches against an impressive view of the capital Serifos, or Chora, dotted with white houses on the slopes of the hill. The island is almost in the shape of a circle and boasts 74 beaches all around its shorelines where you will find everything from water sports and secluded natural coves to relaxing beaches. A lot of the beaches have tavernas near by them, so you can always relax with a home cooked traditional Greek meal for lunch, dinner or both!"Read more here.RELATED TOPICS: Greece, Greek tourism news, Tourism in Greece, Greek islands, Hotels in Greece, Travel to Greece, Greek destinations , Greek travel market, Greek tourism statistics, Greek tourism reportPhoto Source: Wikimedia Commons Copyright: Bas Leenders  License: CC-BY-SASource: greekreporter.comLet's block ads! (Why?)

Lighthouses across Greece open to public on Sunday, August 20th

If you’re anywhere near water in Greece tomorrow, Sunday 20th of August you might want to go to the nearest lighthouse, as Greece’s navy will be opening to the public more than 23 lighthouses around the country, as part of the annual International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend, reports and adds:This is an event organized on the third full weekend of August each year and celebrated by over 400 lighthouses around the world.Visitors will be let in during the day where they will be guided through and educated on the importance of lighthouses and the other nautical aids in navigation, as well as the contribution made by lighthouse-keepers.The lighthouses in the following 23 Greek destinations will be open to the public from 10am to 8pm:Agios Nikolaos, KeaAkrotiri, ThiraArkitsa, FthiotidaMoudari, KytheraVrysaki, LavrioGerogombos, KefaloniaGourouni, SkopelosDrepano, AchaiaDrepano, ChaniaCassandra, HalkidikiKatakolo, IliaKeri, ZakynthosKranai, GythioMegalo Emvolo, ThessalonikiMelangavi, LoutrakiPlaka, LimnosKorakas, ParosKokkinopoulo, PsaraAlexandroupoli, AlexandroupoliTainaron, LaconiaKoprena, ArtaKaki Fefali, ChalkidaMonemvasia, LaconiaLet's block ads! (Why?)

Road traffic restored in Kalamos area near Athens after wildfire

Road traffic was restored on Friday evening in the area of Kalamos, a coastal town some 45 km northeast of Athens in the Attica Region, police said, adding there was no reason to continue to divert traffic.Traffic had been interrupted in several parts of the road network during the past few days to help the fire brigade in its efforts to extinguish the large wildfire raging in the area.Read more here.RELATED TOPICS: Greece, Greek tourism news, Tourism in Greece, Greek islands, Hotels in Greece, Travel to Greece, Greek destinations , Greek travel market, Greek tourism statistics, Greek tourism reportPhoto Source: Wikimedia Commons Copyright: Carl Osbourn License: CC-BY-SASource: ANA-MPALet's block ads! (Why?)