► ► ► ► 2002 Impala CLEAN!!! Perfect Daily Driver (Affton) $1550

QR Code Link to This Post 2002 Impala 213,000 miles 3800 Engine LEATHER INTERIOR (Super easy to clean, which makes the car always smell NEW!) New Window Motors (all 4 windows) New Headlamp Lenses (removed the old, crusty ones so the car looked better for the next owner) New Driver's Lower Control Arm/Ball Joint New Windshield Current Tuneup and Transmission fluid service New Key Fob and New Key (still have old one too...you just have a spare now)Issues: 1) The security system sometimes has an issue where it won't start - but don't worry; I have the fix for it. I won't tell the fix to anyone except the buyer, because I think it actually helps prevent the car from being stolen. The fix takes approximately 5 to 10 seconds, and then the car fires up just fine. It doesn't happen ALL the time, but every once in a while you turn the key and nothing happens. Not a big deal, like I said. Definitely not worth paying GM hundreds of dollars to fix a 5 second issue that seems to only happen every blue moon. And every GM car seems to have this issue, especially the Impala and Malibu vehicles.2) Needs two rear tires. They were rotated from the front, and they are not gonna pass inspection. Need more tread!3) Sunroof (doesn't open, but motor works...maybe the track needs alignment). I wouldn't bother with it because it's really not worth the hassle if it gets stuck open - and then it rains. Don't mess with it unless you're a person that can fix it if it actually slides open. One day, it just stopped sliding open, so we think something fell onto the track (like an acorn or a rock) and the roof slid over it. Not worth the hassle trying to make it worse...but it worked fine before that day.4) I'm waiting on the title from Missouri. I sent for it on December 20th, 2017 and I have paperwork from the DMV showing that. I do own the car, and the DMV stated that I could sell with a written/signed bill of sale, then update the title when the mail finally brings it. I'm trying to downsize the cars I have, so whomever buys it WILL get a clear title the moment it shows up in my mailbox. I'm not holding the car with a deposit; whomever brings the money first will own it. Whomever buys it, I will offer a title for one of my vehicles (as collateral) until the Impala title arrives. Win Win situation, in my opinion...shows that I'm not trying to hustle anyone, especially if I'm giving you MY OWN TITLE until yours arrives.So, that's the deal. Great on gas. Great for a family with kids that eat in the car (seats clean up very easily). Great for a student needing a 4-door sedan to take friends around for a ride. Just an Impala that's ready for a LIFE, versus sitting in my driveway collecting dust while I drive my other truck and use my motorcycle.