Introducing LOLI Data Analytics

by Yuqing ShiOur new LOLI Data Analytics App makes it easier for users to quickly estimate the relative regulatory burden of chemical substances. The App also uses chemical fingerprint technology to identify substances with similar properties, which may aid in finding less regulated alternatives. The App is available in both the Apple Store and Google Play, in English and Chinese (Apple Store, Baidu Market, Tencent Market).How It WorksTo analyze the level of regulation of a chemical substance, search the CAS number or the name of the chemical substance using the search bar under the Analytics tab. The app will make suggestions to complete your input as you type.If the app finds an exact match for your search, the chemical substance will be added to the “Results” table. If no matches are found, then the app will provide you with several suggestions.The Results will display a colored circle associated with the substance. Substances subject to high levels of regulation display a red circle, while those with medium levels display yellow, and those with low levels display green. As the regulatory burden increases, the size of the circle also grows so you can easily compare two substances within the same category by comparing the relative size of their circle.When a chemical substance is under a high level of regulation, you can find alternatives by clicking on “similar substances.”Adding Results for more substances is easy. You can use the search bar again, select a substance from the search history (simply tap on the substance you want to add), or add directly from the similar substances list (tap on the “+” in the similar substances page). Through this app, you can also keep up with our latest blog posts and visit the ChemADVISOR website. For additional information on data analytics, please check our previous post “What is Data Analytics”.Let's block ads! (Why?)