Study Finds Most Travelers Okay With Health Passports To Restart Travel

While health passports are creating some controversy, most people seem to agree that they would be helpful to restart travel.A recent study commissioned by Amadeus and delivered by Censuswide found that digital health passports are popular with global travelers.ADVERTISING Trending Now The research showed that 91 percent of those polled said they would be comfortable using a digital health passport for future trips. However, the same number are also concerned about how their personal health data would be stored and kept private—highlighting the need for providers of these services to demonstrate safety.The survey of 9,055 travelers in France, Spain, Germany, India, UAE, Russia, Singapore, the U.K. and the U.S. also found that more than nine in 10 (93 percent) travelers having some concerns around how their health data for travel would be stored.Just under three quarters (74 percent) of travelers surveyed indicated that they would be willing to store their travel health data electronically in order to pass through the airport faster and with fewer face-to-face interactions.Seventy-two percent said that they would be willing to store their travel health data electronically if it enabled them to travel to more destinations, and 68 percent agreed they would be more likely to share their health data if the airlines they most frequently travel with offered a way to store their travel health data.Respondents were concerned about hacks of their health data (38 percent) and about privacy and what needs to be shared (35 percent). Thirty percent were worried about a lack of transparency and about control over where the data is shared.The Amadeus survey also explored solutions that could alleviate concerns about digital health data and travel.Forty-two percent of travelers said a single travel app that could be used across their whole journey would greatly improve their overall travel experience and provide reassurance that their information is in one place.Forty-one percent agreed that a travel app would reduce their stress around travel, and 62 percent said that they would be more likely to use an app to store their health data if a travel company partnered with a trusted healthcare company. Let's block ads! (Why?)