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Demonstration gegen Zwangsräumungen von Wohnungen Geflüchteter

Am Dienstagabend (16.4.) demonstrierten rund 300 Menschen im Athener Zentrum gegen die Räumung von Wohnungen, in denen Menschen auf der Flucht untergebracht sind. Anlass ist eine jüngste Entscheidung des griechischen Migrationsministeriums. Demzufolge sollen Menschen, die nach dem 31. Juli 2017 als geflüchtet registriert worden sind, keine finanziellen Hilfen mehr erhalten, und ihre Wohnungen sollen geräumt werden. Mitarbeiter von NGOs befürchten Obdachlosigkeit und Armut der Betroffenen sowie den Ausschluss aus Integrationsprogrammen und Sprachkursen. Zudem kreiden sie Brüssel an, die ägäischen Inseln durch den EU-Türkei-Pakt zu einem menschlichen „Lagerhaus“ abgestempelt zu haben. Der Regierung zufolge werde mit dem neuerlichen Beschluss keine neue Politik umgesetzt, vielmehr würden bereits geltende Festlegungen nun angewendet. Demzufolge verlieren Geflüchtete sechs Monate nachdem sie Flüchtlingsstatus erhalten haben, ihr Anrecht auf Unterbringung in Flüchtlingsunterkünften. Ausnahmen gelten für chronisch Kranke, Schwangere und Kleinkinder bis zu zwei Jahren.  (Text und Foto: © Griechenland Zeitung / lb) Let's block ads! (Why?)

Aktor Concessions the preferred bidder for Alimos Marina in Athens

Aktor Concessions SA has been nominated as the preferred bidder for the granting of the right to use and exploit the marina of Alimos south of Athens for a period of 40 years, through an e-Auction procedure that the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund incorporated for the first time in a concession tender, HRADF said in an announcement released on Tuesday, according to ANA. The value of the deal amounts to a total consideration of at least 177 million euros, as it includes - in addition to the price that will be paid with the beginning of the concession - an annual concession fee and a revenue sharing expressed as a percentage of the marina’s annual turnover.  The concessionaire will proceed with investments reaching 50 million euros within the next five years, through which the Alimos marina will be modernized and become a top tourist port destination. The development projects beyond the radical upgrading of existing port infrastructures as well as ship-laying/maintenance activity will also concern the regeneration of the marina's land area through the construction of 18,500 square meters of building facilities and shaping an environment of high aesthetics. The aim is to create a center for recreation that includes green and promenade zones, leisure activities and dining areas, shops, hotel facilities, offices, playgrounds, and outdoor events. RELATED TOPICS: Greece, Greek tourism news, Tourism in Greece, Greek islands, Hotels in Greece, Travel to Greece, Greek destinations , Greek travel market, Greek tourism statistics, Greek tourism report Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons License: CC-BY-SA  Let's block ads! (Why?)

World Forum on Culinary Tourism analyses sector’s potential

Madrid / San Sebastián, Spain, 16 April 2019 - The countdown begins for the 5th World Forum on Gastronomy Tourism to be held on 2 and 3 May in Donostia-San Sebastián, organized by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and the Basque Culinary Center (BCC). International experts will analyse and discuss the influence and capacity of gastronomy tourism to create employment and promote entrepreneurship and how to increase its potential in the future. Registration to attend the forum is still open here. Stimulating employment The Forum will explore how the most favourable frameworks can be created in order to stimulate job creation and entrepreneurship throughout the gastronomy tourism value chain. In addition, the speakers will try to identify the most relevant skills for this type of tourism, which should foster synergies among emerging companies, promote the inclusion of disadvantaged groups and take full account of digitalization. The event will bring together speakers and experts from all regions of the world, as well as internationally renowned Basque chefs such as Elena Arzak, who is a UNWTO Ambassador for Responsible Tourism and joint head chef of the restaurant Arzak, and Andoni Luis Aduriz. In addition, the event will host the presentation of the UNWTO/BCC Guidelines for the Development of Gastronomy Tourism. Sessions and startups The forum will open with a high-level panel with ministers and secretaries of state from countries that have included gastronomy tourism as part of their strategies, such as Cyprus, Slovenia or Spain, among others. Under the theme, “Public policies as key ingredients to promote gastronomy tourism”, the participants will discuss the necessary political framework for the development of gastronomy tourism as well as its capacity to create jobs and promote entrepreneurship. In addition to shedding light on the competencies needed to meet the demands of gastronomy tourists, the sessions will encourage the creation of environments that stimulate entrepreneurship, that connect emerging companies and better integrate disadvantaged groups in the labour market. Issues related to local communities or to under-represented groups, such as women, youth and persons with disabilities, will also be discussed. In addition, topics such as the digitalization of the sector will also be analysed in order to identify the new opportunities they offer to companies. In addition, the latest advances in the creation of the necessary framework to stimulate entrepreneurship will be presented, connecting the different ecosystems with the startups that are part of the value chain of gastronomy tourism. In this context, the five finalist startups of the First Global Gastronomy Tourism Startup Competition, organized by the UNWTO and the BCC, will present the most innovative projects in line with the UNWTO's strategy and the contribution of gastronomy tourism to the sustainable development goals. The programme of the Forum is complemented by nine visits that will allow the participants to take part in different experiences related to gastronomy in the Basque Country. RELATED TOPICS: Greece, Greek tourism news, Tourism in Greece, Greek islands, Hotels in Greece, Travel to Greece, Greek destinations , Greek travel market, Greek tourism statistics, Greek tourism report Let's block ads! (Why?)

Athens court affirms Privinvest €1.2 billion arbitration award against Greece

The Athens Court of Appeal last week rejected the Greek government’s request to set aside a 2017 arbitration award worth more than €1.2 billion to Privinvest Group for the government’s default on payments to Privinvest as well as its subsidiary Hellenic Shipyards. Hellenic Shipyards in Skaramangas, Greece, builds and modernizes Greece’s high-performance submarines and is one of the biggest shipyards in the eastern Mediterranean. In 2010, Privinvest Group made substantial investments in Hellenic Shipyards, but the Hellenic Republic defaulted on its obligations. The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) found that the Greek government also mishandled a European Union state aid case. As a result, Hellenic Shipyards suffered severe losses and had to suspend its operations. Hellenic Shipyards and the Privinvest Group began arbitration proceedings against the Hellenic Republic in ICC. In September 2017, an arbitration tribunal issued an award in favour of Hellenic Shipyards and the Privinvest Group. In addition, since March 2018, a special administrator appointed by the Hellenic Republic has been in charge of Hellenic Shipyards, and Privinvest has had no control over the company or its operations. The special administrator is in the process of selling the shipyard, in effect ψαρρυινγ οθτ the Hellenic Republic’s goal of expropriating Privinvest. Privinvest commented: “In light of the decision by the Athens Court of Appeal, Privinvest calls on the Hellenic Republic to finally return to the path of legality. The Hellenic Republic must now respect its legal obligations and stop the expropriation. In the meantime, Privinvest will continue to pursue its rights before all available venues in Greece and internationally.” Privinvest added: “If the Hellenic Republic had implemented the ICC award, it could have given new life to Hellenic Shipyards. With the income from submarine contracts, and freed from limitations on exports, Hellenic Shipyards could have become a highly profitable shipyard that would have benefited Hellenic Shipyard’s 1,000 workers, the Skaramangas region and the Greek economy. Instead, the Hellenic Republic ignored its obligations under the award, as well as the pleas of Hellenic Shipyards to respect the award, and made no payment.” The appeals court decision last week “fully confirmed the validity of the award, vindicated Privinvest and removed the Hellenic Republic’s last excuse for not respecting the binding judgment of the ICC,” Privinvest noted. Read more at RELATED TOPICS: Greece, Greek tourism news, Tourism in Greece, Greek islands, Hotels in Greece, Travel to Greece, Greek destinations , Greek travel market, Greek tourism statistics, Greek tourism report Photo Source: Let's block ads! (Why?)

Greek island of Syros upgrades port airport to attract more tourists

Syros, the capital of the Cyclades islands' archipelago is focusing on the tourist industry and acting to increase tourist flows ahead of the imminent tourist season, ANA reports. Speaking to Athens-Macedonian News Agency, Syros mayor Giorgos Marangos said that for the coming period the estimates are positive and according to the island's market plan Syros is betting on the tourists markets of Italy, France, Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom and the Balkan countries. Syros offers a diverse tourism portfolio, which includes cultural, sports, school trip and sea tourism. RELATED TOPICS: Greece, Greek tourism news, Tourism in Greece, Greek islands, Hotels in Greece, Travel to Greece, Greek destinations , Greek travel market, Greek tourism statistics, Greek tourism report Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons License: CC-BY-SA Copyright: Hans Peter Schaefer Let's block ads! (Why?)

Cyprus attracts film stars and movies with large cash incentives

As Greece is trying to shed its image of being unfriendly to filmmakers, Cyprus is using a cash incentive scheme to attract them, including from India, with the program leading to a film starring Academy Award winner Nicolas Cage being shot entirely on the island. Cyprus Cash Rebates is behind the effort to bring more films, a proven method to get more tourists who are lured by scenes shot in a country, with Greece trying to play catch-up after shooing away international producers and directors for decades. In 2017, Cyprus introduced a package of incentives encouraging international producers to choose Cyprus as their next film destination in a bid to boost this highly promising sector, In-Cyprus noted in a feature on the program and how it’s working. Production companies coming to the island can choose between cash rebate or tax credits and could also benefit from tax discounts on investments made on equipment and infrastructure as well as returns on Value Added Tax (VAT) payments. In January, the pot was sweetened when the government made it even more attractive by abolishing the maximum refund ceiling of 650,000 euros ($734,757,) raising it to 1.5 million euros ($1.7 billion) and the scheme’s annual budget at 25 million euros ($28.26 million) as well. Cage is starring in a 24.6 million euro ($27.81 million) science fiction and martial arts film called Jiu Jitsu, that is produced by Martin J. Barab and Dimitri Logothetis who will also direct. Interior Minister Constantinos Petrides said that for euro spent for growth in the sector, there’s a return of some seven euros ($7.91,) showing the cost-effectiveness of the program as an investment, not an expenditure. Read more at RELATED TOPICS: Greece, Greek tourism news, Tourism in Greece, Greek islands, Hotels in Greece, Travel to Greece, Greek destinations , Greek travel market, Greek tourism statistics, Greek tourism report Photo Source: Let's block ads! (Why?)

Visitors and revenues to Greek museums and sites rise in Jan-Dec 2018

The number of visitors to museums and archaeological sites in Greece posted a 9.8 pct and 17 pct rise, respectively, in 2018, according to the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT), ANA reports. According to ELSTAT’s report on Monday, over the 12-month period (Jan-Dec 2018) there was a 9.8 pct hike in visitors, 7.9 pct increase in free admissions and revenues rose by 12.8 pct.  In archaeological sites, in December 2018 there was a 17 pct increase in visitors, a 23.8 pct hike in free admissions and revenues rose by 14.3 pct in comparison with December 2018. RELATED TOPICS: Greece, Greek tourism news, Tourism in Greece, Greek islands, Hotels in Greece, Travel to Greece, Greek destinations , Greek travel market, Greek tourism statistics, Greek tourism report Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons License: CC-BY-SA Copyright: Юкатан Let's block ads! (Why?)

Podiumsdiskussion in Athen zum Thema „Europa 2024“: Von der Umwelt bis zur Flüchtlingskrise

Zu den Themenbereichen „Wirtschaft und Arbeitsbeschäftigung“, „EU-Erweiterung, Außenpolitik und Verteidigung“, „Umwelt und Energie“ sowie auch „Bildung und Jugend“ fand am Freitag (12. April) im Athener Goethe-Institut eine Podiumsdiskussion mit vier amtierenden griechischen Abgeordneten des Europäischen Parlaments statt. Organisierte worden war diese Veranstaltung von der Studenten Organisation SAFIA (Student Association For International Affairs); die Fragen hatten fünf junge Journalisten vorbereitet, die bei den griechischen Zeitungen Kathimerini, Ta Nea, Efimerida ton Syntakton, Real News und Ethnos tätig sind. Bezugnehmend auf die Migration und Flüchtlingskreise konstatierte der EU-Abgeordnete Dimitrios Papadimoulis vom regierenden Bündnis der Radikalen Linken (SYRIZA): Die EU habe dabei versagt, die Lasten der Flüchtlingskrise unter den Mitgliedstaaten gereicht aufzuteilen. Darunter würden Staaten wie Griechenland besonders leiden. Papadimoulis verlangte Sanktionen für Länder wie Polen und Ungarn, die eine „faire Verteilung der Geflüchteten behinderten“. Gesellschaftskritische Äußerungen wurden vor allem zu den Themenbereichen Sexismus und Feminismus in Griechenland laut. So etwa wurde gefordert, dass man die sogenannte gender gap, also den Unterschied zwischen Mann und Frau im Arbeitsalltag, durch Änderungen in der Gesetzgebung reduzieren müsse. Kontrovers dazu stellte der Liberalkonservative Jorgos Kyrtsos von der Nea Demokratia fest, dass es keinen allzu großen Unterschied zu anderen EU-Staaten gäbe.Ein weiteres Thema war die europäische Erweiterungs- und Integrationspolitik auf dem Balkan. Besonderes Augenmerk liege seitens der EU auf Montenegro, das an Kroatien und Albanien grenzt, sagte einer der Abgeordneten. Für Griechenland als südöstlichstem EU-Mitglied sei dies unter anderem auch von großer geostrategischer Bedeutung.Der Journalist Nikos Efstathiou von der elektronischen Ausgabe der Kathemerini sprach die Rolle Griechenlands beim Thema Umwelt an. Er verwies darauf, dass die Vorgaben der EU für erneuerbare Energien auch eine Reduktion von Plastik im Alltagsgebrauch beinhalten. Ein Pluspunkt für Griechenland: Derzeit würden ca. 70 Prozent weniger Plastiktüten verwendet als vor dieser Regelung. Die Veranstaltung im Goethe-Institut in der Omirou Straße war gut besucht; vor allem waren viele junge Leute anwesend, die mit gezielten Fragen zur Diskussion beitrugen. Im weiteren Sinne verstand sich diese Veranstaltung auch als eine Vorbereitung auf die Europawahlen am 26.Mai. Laura Marie Bücker Let's block ads! (Why?)

“Mit dem Blick des Eroberers”: Fotos deutscher Soldaten während der Besatzungszeit

Am Freitag den 12. April 2019 fand im Auditorium des Akropolis-Museums unter dem Titel „Mit dem Blick des Eroberers: Athen in den Fotos von deutschen Soldaten während der Besatzungszeit 1941-1944“ eine internationale Tagung statt. Die eintägige Veranstaltung wurde vom Auswärtigen Amt der Bundesrepublik Deutschland aus Mitteln des Deutsch-Griechischen Zukunftsfonds finanziert. Organisiert wurde sie von Direktion Jüngeres Kulturerbe des griechischen Kulturministeriums. Thematisiert wurden fotografischen Aufnahmen, die während der deutschen Besatzung Griechenlands in den Jahren 1941-1944 entstanden. Es handelt sich dabei sowohl um Fotos die deutsche Soldaten zeigen, als auch um Aufnahmen, die von deutschen Soldaten gemacht wurden und den Alltag in Athen vor mehr als 70 Jahren widerspiegeln. Im Rahmen der Veranstaltung stand auch ein Vortrag des deutschen Archäologischen Instituts auf dem Programm. Darin ging es um die Rolle der deutschen Archäologen in Griechenland während der NS-Zeit. Dazu hielt Dr. Dimitris Grigoropoulos einen einstündigen Vortrag in dem fotografische Zeugnisse aus den Archiven des DAI Athen gezeigt wurden. „Der Schwerpunkt liegt darin zu zeigen, wie sich deutsche Archäologen mit dem Mittel der Fotografie darstellen ließen, also was ihre Positionen, ihre Darstellungsweise angeht, und was man aus diesen fotografischen Archivarien an geschichtlicher Information ausmachen kann“, so Dimitris Grigoropoulos gegenüber der Griechenland Zeitung. (Griechenland Zeitung / cd) Let's block ads! (Why?)

Cyprus among founders of International Sports and Tourism Organisation

Cyprus along with Greece, Lebanon, Egypt, Bulgaria and Portugal have founded an International Sports and Tourism Organisation, a press release of the Deputy Ministry of Tourism said on Friday, according to CNA. The decision to establish the International Sports & Tourism Organization for Peace & Prosperity (ISTO for P&P), was announced in the framework of a trilateral meeting among Cyprus’ Deputy Minister Savvas Perdios, Greek Minister of Tourism Elena Kountoura and Lebanon’s Minister of Tourism Avedis Guidanian, in Beirut, on 10 April. RELATED TOPICS: Greece, Greek tourism news, Tourism in Greece, Greek islands, Hotels in Greece, Travel to Greece, Greek destinations , Greek travel market, Greek tourism statistics, Greek tourism report Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons License: CC-BY-SA Copyright: AyianapaProtaras Let's block ads! (Why?)