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The self-righteous idiot. Όταν η βλακεί…

Yiannis Tsapras 1:36pm Nov 24
The self-righteous idiot. Όταν η βλακεία γίνεται επιστήμη.

Chronis Kod 1:46pm Nov 24
Δεν εχω μισησει ατομο πιο πολυ

Sotiris Migos 1:49pm Nov 24
2:20. Εκεί σταμάτησα.

Yiannis Tsapras 1:52pm Nov 24
Απ'το προφίλ της στο Youtube: 'Megan Fox is a homeschooling, Tea Partying, conservative mother of two (with another on the way!) out and about in the suburbs who is also a popular columnist for PJ Media.'

Antonios Marmarinos 2:02pm Nov 24
It seems that the ever evolving (the irony) field of stupidity has a new champion!!

Vassilis N. Perantzakis 2:04pm Nov 24
So, Megan Fox is stupid. What's new?

Maria Aneta Ithilwen 2:16pm Nov 24
Δεν ξέρω να προφέρω το "ευκαρυωτικό", τώρα θα σας πω γιατί η εξέλιξη είναι λάθος.