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Reflecting on the Road to Laughlin

Rewind to last fall: my buddy Tom calls me up from San Diego and says, “Hey, man. A few of us are getting together in April and riding up to Zion National Park for a few days. Wanna come?” I responded, “Sound like fun. Count me in.” I left out the part where I am located in Iowa…

I’ve always wanted to ride cross country, and being in the motorcycle industry and traveling to hundreds of events over the years (mostly via plane), you would think I would have ridden to more of them.

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The Beards Come Off for Aidan

When the word “biker” is mentioned, images of tattooed, bearded, leather clad large gentlemen pop into mind…or possibly SOA cast members if you’re into that sort of thing. Either way, a lot of times “bikers” aren’t cast in the most flattering of lights.

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Top 10 Tips Before You Get Out and Ride

Are you ready to ride? Patrick from J&P Cycles walks you through the top ten things to check out before you get on your bike this spring.

  1. Check your fluids: oil, tranny and primary fluid—make sure you check them all. If you didn’t change them going into winter, now’s the perfect time. If you need help with that, we have videos to help you out.
    1. How to Change Transmission Fluid
    2. How to Change Motorcycle Primary Oil
    3. How to Change Motorcycle Oil
  2. Check your fuel. If you didn’t stabilize your fuel going into winter, something like Star Tron will rejuvenate that fuel, so when you go out and ride, you won’t
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Biketoberfest 2014

The leaves started to turn red and orange here in Iowa, so we took that as a sign that we needed to head south and visit our home away from home (otherwise known as the J&P Cycles Destination Daytona Superstore). Just so happened there was a bike rally going on; the biker version of the fall classic was in full swing as we rolled into the sunshine state. Since we figured this might be the last time we get to see the sun for a few months we took full advantage of our time Daytona to run the Biketoberfest gauntlet. We didn’t want to keep all the good times … Continue Reading" height="1" width="1" alt=""/>