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XTrig-Shock Preload Adjusters

XTrig Shock Preload Adjusters Replace your stock preload adjuster washers with this unit and save time and effort.  XTrig shock preload adjusters make for easy adjustment of your rear shock and are not affected by dirt.  The lightweight design uses the threads on the shock body and a mechanical mechanism to move the adjuster up and down. Easy handling Mechanical transmission Low weight Adjust preload very quickly Not affected by dirt 

Hinson Racing-Clutch Actuator Kit

Hinson Racing Clutch Actuator Kit For smoother and more positive clutch engagement.  The most efficient clutch cable bracket and cam system to provide the best clutch feel and increase throw of pressure plate, minimizing drag and heat buildup.  Bracket reroutes cable away from exhaust pipes and minimizing bends.Works with stock clutch lever/perch, clutch basket, inner hub, and pressure plate.  Honda models include clutch cable.  Other models reuse stock cable.