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Enterprise Europe Network OSH Award Winner Announced

The third edition of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) occupational safety and health (OSH) Award takes place during the EEN Annual Conference in Tallinn on 21 November.The OSH Award is handed over by DG GROW, EASME and EU-OSHA as a recognition of the excellent work done by EEN members in promoting occupational safety and health.This year, the OSH Award goes to “Between Generations”, a project coordinated by Dr Małgorzata Sikorska of EEN Centre at the Foundation for Promotion of Entrepreneurship, Lodz, Poland. Due to demographic changes and labour market in Poland the EEN created a Booklet focused on intergenerational cooperation and a questionnaire for self-assessment.Also, excellent projects were evaluated. Three of them were commended and are presented below by country alphabetical order:• “OSH Workshops” coordinated by Anne-Michèle Barbette, CCI du Luxembourg belge ASBL • “Promotion of OSH for young entrepreneurs” coordinated by Maja Cergol Lipnik, University of Primorska at the Slovenian Centre for Development and Knowledge Transfer• “Measures for a successful OSH Promotion plan”, coordinated by Carmen Gilabert González and Ana López Barajas at the Fundación Parque Científico de MadridLearn more about the cooperation between EU-OSHA and the Enterprise Europe NetworkLet's block ads! (Why?)

Η Διάσκεψη για τους Ασφαλείς και Υγιείς Χώρους Εργασίας σηματοδοτεί τη λήξη μιας επιτυχημένης εκστρατείας για την προώθηση της βιώσιμης εργασιακής ζωής.

Με τη Διάσκεψη για τους Ασφαλείς και Υγιείς Χώρους Εργασίας στο Μπιλμπάο της Ισπανίας ολοκληρώνεται η εκστρατεία «Ασφαλείς και Υγιείς Χώροι Εργασίας για όλες τις ηλικίες» 2016-2017 του EU-OSHA.Έχοντας συγκεντρώσει πρωτοφανή αριθμό εταίρων, η εκστρατεία αυτή στέφθηκε με ιδιαίτερη επιτυχία.Κορυφαίοι εμπειρογνώμονες στον τομέα της επαγγελματικής ασφάλειας και υγείας και υπεύθυνοι λήψης πολιτικών αποφάσεων θα συγκεντρωθούν για τον απολογισμό των επιτευγμάτων και την ανταλλαγή καλών πρακτικών, καθώς και νομικών και πολιτικών λύσεων που αναδείχθηκαν κατά τη διάρκεια της διετούς εκστρατείας, με στόχο την αντιμετώπιση των προκλήσεων που αντιμετωπίζει το γηράσκον εργατικό δυναμικό της Ευρώπης.Διαβάστε το δελτίο ΤύπουΜάθετε περισσότερα για τη διάσκεψη και παρακολουθήστε τη ζωντανάLet's block ads! (Why?)

Watch live: Healthy Workplaces Summit 2017

Do not miss this major event which brings down the curtain on the Europe-wide Healthy Workplaces for All Ages Campaign 2016-17.On 21 and 22 November in Bilbao, the Healthy Workplaces Summit gathers political decision makers, social partners, campaign partners, OSH experts and other key stakeholders to network and share knowledge and best practice for sustainable working life.The Summit will be web streamed so that you can watch all sessions live and ask questions online during the event.Follow the hashtag #EUOSHAsummit and help us spread the word.Let's block ads! (Why?)

Proclaiming the European Pillar of Social Rights at the Social Summit for fair jobs and growth

The European Pillar of Social Rights will be proclaimed jointly by the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission at the Social summit for fair jobs and growth taking place in Gothenburg on 17 November.The event provides a platform for Heads of States or Governments, EU Institutions, social partners, civil society and other key actors to engage in an open discussion on how to promote and create the best conditions for fair jobs and growth.On 23 October, EU Employment and Social Policy ministers agreed unanimously on the text of the Proclamation of the European Pillar of Social Rights and gave the authorisation to sign it on behalf of the member states at the Gothenburg Summit.   Well-functioning and fair European labour markets, effective and sustainable social protection systems and the promotion of social dialogue are the highlights of the summit agenda.EU-OSHA fully supports the EU Pillar, as it guarantees the fundamental social right to safe and healthy working conditions in Europe.  Learn more about the eventTowards a European Pillar of Social Rights: Health and Safety at Work  See the different occupational safety and health conditions in Member States provided by the ESENER surveyStay tuned and get involved: #SocialSummit17Let's block ads! (Why?)

Upcoming Courses in Occupational Safety and Health, and Labour Inspection in 2018

A broad range of courses in the field of occupational safety and health, and labour inspection will take place in 2018 in Turin, Italy.The trainings are organised by the International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization (ILO) in collaboration with ILO Geneva.See the list of upcoming courses and applyLet's block ads! (Why?)

Inactive population – a segment with employment potential, Eurofound says

In the EU as a whole, 28% of people of working age are economically inactive, that is, they are not working, not seeking work and/or not available for work, as defined by the International Labour Organization (ILO). Eurofound has carried out a research report that explores European inactive population, a heterogeneous segment with great employment potential.The report shows that many inactive people would like to be in paid work in some capacity, given the right conditions. Others may need extra time to prepare themselves for the job market, such as people with health problems or disabilities. For Eurofound, “policy measures that facilitate a transition from inactivity to employment (such as the ability to keep some social benefits after one has started work, mentoring or on-the-job training) should be encouraged”.Download the report.Learn about EU-OSHA’s project “Safer and healthier work at any age – occupational safety and health (OSH) in the context of an ageing workforce” and the related research on rehabilitation and return to work.Let's block ads! (Why?)

Occupational Safety and Health Conference hosted by Montenegro

The 3rd International Conference for Regional Cooperation “Building OSH in the 21st century” took place from 26 to 28 of October in Budva, Montenegro, in the scope of the European Week for Safety and Health at Work.The event was hosted by the Safety at Work Association of Montenegro, in cooperation with the Macedonian and the Kosovar OSH associations. 160 participants from 7 countries of the Balkan region took part in this conference traditionally held every year in a different Balkan country.EU-OSHA was pleased to present the Healthy Workplaces for All Ages campaign at this important event in the Western Balkans.Find more about the conferenceLet's block ads! (Why?)

Public health challenges around anaphylaxis to be discussed in Brussels

A breakfast briefing on the public health challenges of anaphylaxis takes place at the European Parliament on 22 November.Anaphylaxis (an-a-fi-LAK-sis) is a serious, life-threatening allergic reaction. If you are allergic to a substance, your immune system overreacts to this allergen by releasing chemicals that cause allergy symptoms.The event is hosted by Mairead McGuinness MEP, Vice President of the European Parliament and member of the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety, on behalf of Medicines for Ireland, the representative body for the Irish generic and biosimilar medicines industry.The briefing will discuss the public health challenges around anaphylaxis and access to Adrenaline Auto-Injectors (AAIs) in Europe, with a particular focus on good policy practice as demonstrated by Member States, such as Ireland.AAI can save lives when anaphylactic shock occur and Ireland has recently eased access to AAIs in public and workplaces. The aim of this stakeholder event is to debate and examine how to increase awareness of and access to AAIs in practice, and the roles of all relevant stakeholders – legislators, policymakers, healthcare professionals and others – in achieving this objective. Let's block ads! (Why?)

Η οικονομία των διαδικτυακών πλατφορμών – προκλήσεις και λύσεις ΕΑΥ

Η ραγδαία ανάπτυξη της οικονομίας των διαδικτυακών πλατφορμών έχει ως αποτέλεσμα την αύξηση των μη τυποποιημένων μορφών εργασίας, όπως π.χ. η περιστασιακή εργασία, η εργασία που παρέχεται ανάλογα με τις ανάγκες του εργοδότη και η αυτοαπασχόληση. Οι διαδικτυακές πλατφόρμες μπορούν να αυξήσουν τις ευκαιρίες απασχόλησης. Ωστόσο, η εργασία μέσω πλατφορμών μπορεί να προκαλέσει σωματικούς και ψυχοκοινωνικούς κινδύνους σε βάρος της επαγγελματικής ασφάλειας και υγείας των εργαζομένων.Σε νέα έκθεση διερευνώνται οι εν λόγω προκλήσεις και εξετάζονται οι πολιτικές και ρυθμίσεις που είναι σε ισχύ ή βρίσκονται στο στάδιο της επεξεργασίας –τόσο στα κράτη μέλη όσο και σε επίπεδο ΕΕ– για την αντιμετώπιση αυτών των κινδύνων.Η έκθεση παρουσιάζεται στη θεματική ημέρα της Επιτροπής Ανώτερων Επιθεωρητών Εργασίας (SLIC) και στη διάσκεψη για την ΕΑΥ που θα διεξαχθεί στο Τάλιν στις 7/8 Νοεμβρίου στο πλαίσιο της εσθονικής προεδρίας της ΕΕ. Διαβάστε την πλήρη έκθεση με τίτλο Προστασία των εργαζομένων στην οικονομία των διαδικτυακών πλατφορμών: επισκόπηση ρυθμιστικών και πολιτικών εξελίξεων στην ΕΕΜεταφόρτωση της σύνοψηςΓια περισσότερες πληροφορίες σχετικά με την εκδήλωση βλέπε «Νέες μορφές εργασίας και ΕΑΥ»Let's block ads! (Why?)