SALE 40′, Reg Metal Containers all fees taxes&delivery included! (GARY) $2498

QR Code Link to This Post SALE 40', Reg Metal Containers all fees taxes&delivery included,While supplies last, up to $4,984!!☎️[(832) 608-7662] Ask for Kulesa ☎️THOUSANDS containers delivered…Our assurance: *30 Day Money Back Guarantee *Five Year Limited Warranty [ask for details] *Solid Welded Steel *Delivery NationwideTypes of Containers: - We offer, Water/Wind Tight, Structurally Sound Containers - Steel Ocean Cargo Containers have 1 1/8" laminated Plywood Floors with steel horizontal cross member bars underneath - Lockable 8' wide steel double swing doors at one endDifferent Size Containers: - 20 ft. used Standard (20' length x 8' 6" high x 8' wide) containers - 40 ft. used Standard (40' length x 8' 6" high x 8' wide) containers - 40 ft. used High Cube (40' length x 9' 6" high x 8' wide) containersPick up or Delivery: - For a delivery quote placed on the ground, please advise delivery address. - Or if YOU schedule your own pick up of the container, we would lift container onto your *delivery truck at NO ADDITIONAL COST*Method of Payments: - Check, ACH, Wire transfer, Credit Card, NO CASH please.NEED A CONTAINER IN ANOTHER CITY? 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