Motorcycle Helmets (St Augustine) $125

QR Code Link to This Post Getting out of riding for a while and want to sell 3 different helmets.The first is a DOT approved beanie helmet. Has been worn a handful of times and is in great shape. It has the glossy black finish. This has a quick detach helmet strap which is awesome. See the amazon link for more info: for $60 for this one.The second is a matte black scorpion exo helmet. This is a convertible helmet that goes from full face, three quarters to half helmet. You can break it down to store it in a saddle back and have great protection if you get stuck in the rain. Looking for $125 for this one.The third is a skid lid - I don't think this has ever been worn. I threw it in the saddle bag to have a spare in case I ever had a passenger that needed a helmet. $25.