Hygienic Workplaces Increase Worker Happiness

Clean and tidy work facilities lead to better morale in manufacturing environments, according to a new study from Tork, an Essity brand. A recent survey conducted by the hygiene brand revealed the manufacturing employees cite operational efficiency; safety and hygiene; and organization of the workplace as the top three factors influencing happiness on the job. “It is apparent that the conditions of manufacturing environments are uniquely important to employers and employees alike,” the company stated in a press release. “In an industry that requires constant attention to minimize risk and improve compliance with safety regulations, a well-run, orderly facility helps plant managers ensure operations run smoothly and without setback…. Efficiency, safety, and hygiene not only boost employee productivity but also their overall happiness.” Overall, 94% of respondents said that a hygienic, healthy and risk-free work environment affected the level of happiness they felt at work. The availability of cleaning products impacted productivity as well as happiness for nine out of 10 workers surveyed. In fact, 87% reported that wiping and cleaning tools help them get the job done. “Happiness and productivity go hand-in-hand, particularly in fast-paced, high-risk environments like manufacturing,” said Maryellen Anastasio, Essity marketing manager, in a statement. “Facilities should consider the tools they are using and adopt safe and hygienic solutions that will not only improve operational efficiencies but also motivate and engage employees. By making these changes, employers are sending a message that they care about their workers’ happiness and well-being.” Let's block ads! (Why?)