Upgraded New Tomos Motorcycle Bike RacingTT CleanTitle & Low Miles (Brooklyn Heights) $3900

QR Code Link to This Post Selling my recently bought 2017 Tomos Racing TT. I purchased the bike, which I had to put myself on a pre-order list for with Second Stroke Mopeds (the only authorized official importer and dealer/carrier of Tomos bikes in the NYC area) back in December 2016 shorty after it was announced that Tomos would be reintroducing their line of mopeds to the US for the first time since 2011. Bike arrived in May, retail MSRP with tax was $2,585.00 -- it comes imported stock as a moped (class B) with an official top speed of 29 mph and a 49cc engine. However, as the design sleekly implies, it's made to ride more so as a small sportbike with 120Z Bogart sport tires both in front and rear; the silhouette almost looks like an Aprilia Tuono's/Kawasaki Ninja's little brother-- but it also honestly handles and feels like that... It's fun to ride through the city and its right-throttle side "twist-&-go" automatic transmission makes the rider experience all that much easier and enjoyable. The bike is a simple switch and kick-start to turn on. As mentioned, I've had numerous expensive and labor-intensive upgrades/replacements (all tomos and all at Second Stroke) done on this bike. Upgrades include the following:- New sportier gearbox to promote acceleration, top speed, gear shifting-- this was done along with the necessary up-jetting to level the ratios. - Brand new Tomos A55 70cc engine with new larger carburetor with larger valves to provide significantly increased air intake all made exclusively by Tomos, for Tomos. - Entirely new, handmade black exhaust/tailpipe produced in Indiana by ML (Motion Left inc)-- the pipe is far larger in diameter and circumference than the stock exhaust and pipe, and provides signicantly increased acceleration and top speed (if, and when, needed). -New and better sprockets, geared toward a faster/sportier sprocket ratio (switched from 26 in front and 24 in rear to 28 front and 22 rear, and upgraded on quality of the sprockets). *So you can probably tell by now that between the engine/carb upgrades, tailpipe/exhaust upgrades, gearbox/upjet tuning adjustments, and the sprocket upgrades, this is a far faster bike than what came off the truck at the port. However, you need not ride it that way. It's whatever you want out of the experience, to be honest. But I will say that now, you do get to see *why* the architecture and the design of this bike is structured and designed the *way* that it is in the first place. It fulfills its actual potential, if you ever do decide that you want it to do so! :) -I had Tomos high-visibility rear turn signals installed onto the bike. The bike does not come standard with them. -Left side mirror installed onto bike for better increased rear visibility.This bike, very conveniently, also has a huge storage compartment. I mean huge. You wouldn't know it or see it, but you can fit plenty of stuff in there if you really needed to. I wouldn't *really recommend getting too heavy* with stuff though, since the bike itself weights 150 lbs. However the bike seats and rides two riders perfectly comfortably. *Note: I personally did not like the cylinder that came with the storage compartment lock, and so if you want to use it regularly, then it's my recommendation that the storage lock cylinder does need to be replaced, and also my recommendation that you'd use either Second Stroke, where I purchased it, or a qualified hardware store/locksmith. However, if you'd like, I may be able to get a replacement stock lock from Second Stroke Mopeds in Maspeth for you upon request, as I am sure that they have many extras there in stock for an extremely reasonable price. This bike has less than 500 miles on it and the best part is that it was literally *just* fully serviced, up and down-- through and through. She's good to go on every level, and I've got the certificate of origin, the title and registration, insurance, transfer of title forms, and all necessary paperwork to make her yours if you want! Please: no low-ball offers. I've put $2,000+ of work and upgrades into this bike, and it's one of only 60 total that were imported to the US for the year 2017. It's also the first year ever for this model from Tomos, so the value of this particular bike, as long as it is kept in good condition, is only going to continue rising higher with time as a valuably limited collector bike.