QR Code Link to This Post I HAVE A USED SHOEI RF 800 HELMET IN GREAT CONDITION...I THINK IT IS A XL ADULT UNISEX...OFFERS ACCEPTEDBRAND NEW THESE ARE APPROX $300.00 The RF-800's shell quality is very good. It resists most nicks and scratches and the finish is excellent. The RF-800 is also very comfortable. Initially the RF-800 pinched up top, but after a few days, the pinching went away. After a year of daily use, the RF-800 remains a very comfortable and durable helmet, suffering only the usual nicks and scratches of a heavily worn helmet.A key feature of the RF-800 is the visor-latching mechanism. The visor may be detached and re-attached without tools or removing sideplates. A trigger on the helmet allows you to snap the visor on or off. If you are ham-handed and you constantly worry about breaking sideplates, the RF's trigger mechanism is a relief. Another feature of the trigger mechanism is that with the absence of sideplates, noise reduction is improved. The RF-800 is one of the quieter helmets we've worn. Venting is good, although it could be better. Shoei's marketing department puts a big emphasis on the the RF-800's T-VENT system. Basically, the T-VENT is supposed to allow for more frontal air intake by increasing the the flow of the air coming from the lower intakes just above the chin. In theory, increased airflow at the upper intake will force more air through the lower intake and offer more comfortable shell temperatures and less shield fogging. Shell temperatures are very comfortable and air flow through the upper air intake is excellent. However, air flow through the lower air intake could be better. If you stop in cooler weather and the visor fogs from breath condensation, the shield must be open a crack before it clears up. Although this happens to every helmet, it seems to happen to readily on the RF-800. Luckily, the face-shield system has a preset opening lever that is easy to operate with gloves. Let's block ads! (Why?)