ChemADVISOR’s Darlene Susa-Anderson Presents at the SCHC Spring 2017 Meeting

On Tuesday, 28 March 2017, Darlene Susa-Anderson of ChemADVISOR spoke at the Society for Chemical Hazard Communication (SCHC) Spring 2017 Meeting. The topic was “Observations: UN Global List Pilot Project versus Published GHS Classifications”, a follow-up from our recent blog post on the pilot project.Darlene’s presentation reviewed some analytics on the country published GHS classifications. Across the lists of published classifications, relatively few (461) chemical substances appear on all the lists, even when only considering lists including more than 2000 substances.The substances reviewed by the pilot projects were chosen by the lead country. Darlene presented maps of the regulatory status in each country, taken from the LOLI Database’s Query function, which show that the lead countries chose substances to review which they had already regulated to a greater than average extent.The presentation covered each instance where a country provided data on a classification endpoint that the pilot project classified in a way that disagreed with some published classifications. A notable example was the Flammable Liquid classification for Dicyclopentane. One might have thought that Physical Hazards would be relatively straightforward but the published country classifications alone demonstrate substantial discrepancy!The entire presentation can be accessed here:'s block ads! (Why?)